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Episode 28



Looks like the honeymoon is over for our heroes as Wes returns! With so much to talk about this episode spills out over the one-hour mark!  E3 fallout!  Pokemon and Dragon Quest!  Prometheus!  Selling our comic book collections!  Exclamation marks!    We even fit in some talk about Jefferson Airplane or was that Jefferson Starship!?  All this and more!

Episode 27

The Long Box Episode 27 is here, in mint-condition, and ready to meet all of your podcast needs! This week, we forsake comics and movies entirely, and focus on one of the biggest geek happenings of the calendar year; E3! The Electronic Entertainment Expo begins next week, and we have a full preview of what we expect from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft at the multimedia extravaganza! This is a solid hour of gaming talk, speculation and analysis. A good time is guaranteed for all, so make sure and check it out!

Episode 26

In this episode we see the faithful return of Wes and good friend of the show Mitch the Bruce shows up to help our heroes talk about all things nerdy.  With Avengers still on everybody’s mind a little conversation is devoted to earth’s mightiest heroes and with E3 just around the corner wild speculations run rampant.    Be sure to stay tuned after the ending credit song for a special treat.

Episode 25

For the 25th episode of The Long Box Terry is joined by fan favorite Mitch the Bruce and new to the show John Eric.  What better way to celebrate 25 episodes than honoring the mothers that made our heroes what they are today.  Come and listen as they talk about growing up, watching movies, reading books, and listening to music.

Episode 24

Podcast Powered By PodbeanThe penultimate chapter in the first era of The Long Box has arrived with episode 24. Though simply a calm before the storm that is  next week’s GIANT SIZED ANNIVERSARY EDITION, our heroes do not fail to bring you another mint edition of the show. This week is all about one thing: THE AVENGERS! Terry and Wes have both seen it, and discuss and review most major aspects of the film for a full forty minutes. (WARNING: We spoil EVERYTHING about the movie, so do NOT listen to this until you have seen the movie. And, uh, go see the movie. Right now.) What did they think of the film? How does it compare to the comics? Will/When will DC get their act together and deliver a Justice League blockbuster film?! All of this and more is discussed herein! Other topics include BUCKAROO BANZAI, the latest issues of Wolverine and the X-Men, a new 60 Second Review, and PLAYSTATION DEALZ! This is one you do NOT want to miss!

Episode 23

Coming to you straight from the fifty-cent bin… this is Episode 23 of The Long Box! This week, our heroes start by discussing Terry’s latest Nerdcocktail.com project, The 60 Second Review! What is it, and why do you need it in your life? Listen and find out! Plus: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Rumble Melee and the follies of the Playstation Vita! The conversation turns to Mark Hoppus (of Blink 182 fame) and his show on Fuse, as well as QUEEN ROCK MONTREAL, and a bonus look at a BRAND NEW TRAILER for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES! (It’s not a car!) Finally, the dynamic duo of dudes checks in on a few new releases in the comic book world before Wes makes an INTERNET-SNAPPING ANNOUNCEMENT THAT MAY CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! (It won’t.) This episode is more than just the calm before the storm, so check it out!

Episode 22

Episode 22 of The Long Box has torn free from its polybag, diving directly into your earholes! In this issue, our heroes start by discussing Buckaroo Banzai, Wes’ ignorance surrounding this movie, Superman: The Animated Series, Wes’ ignorance surrounding this show, and more! In the comics portion, Wes actually contributes, bringing the knowledge about Avengers vs. X-Men, while Terry checks in on Joe Casey’s latest. The duo wraps up with video game chatter, spanning generations with 3DS talk and arcade fantasies. Don’t wait for the trade… Check it out today!


Episode 21

The Long Box throws out its fake ID, because this is episode 21! This time around, Terry and Wes start things out with gaming talk, discussing Wes’ week without his 3DS, how it probably got more play than ever as a result, Halo: Anniversary, Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur, Ducktales, and Earthbound! From there, the guys move into what they have been watching, from Cabin in the Woods (!!!) to THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE! What is the verdict: Thumbs up or Poo in the mouth? Listen and find out! Conversation wraps with comic talk and a look at the summer lineup of superhero films. Another fun episode so check it out!



Episode 20

Twenty episodes deep and The Long Box rolls ever onward! This week, our two hosts begin the hour long conversation with a look at Lego: Batman, the Justice League getting’ no respect from DC/Warner Bros., and updates on recent video game play from both Terry and Wes. Checking in on the comic world, a brief update is given on AVX, and… that is about it. The rest of the episode in spent in discussion about what the duo has been watching, both on the big and little screen. The Long Box hopes to cash in on the latest box office draw, The Hunger Games, with a discussion of the blockbuster film. May the odds be ever in our favor! Also, did Wes answer Terry’s challenge from last week to watch the new My Little Pony series? You will have to listen to find out! All this and more on episode 20 of The Long Box!


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Episode 19

Episode 19 of The Long Box begins with WRESTLEMANIA talk, brother! Whatcha gonna do when Triple H and the Undertaker steal the show?! Well, we tell you! If wrestling talk is not your thing, fear not. We also discuss Looney Tunes on bluray and  Terry issues a challenge to the listeners and his cohost. in the comic section, Terry riffs on OMAC and Wes updates everyone on the status of his backlog. Finally, the duo delves into video games, covering such topics as hacking the Wii, Journey for the PS3, and a slight deviation into the ethics of buying and selling used games. A fun time as always, so check it out!

Episode 18

Welcome one and all to the eighteenth iteration of The Long Box! Today, our heroes look at the recent revival of Kid Icarus on the Nintendo 3DS and the latest mobile sensation, Draw Something. From there, with Wes finally caught up on his cinematic escapades, the duo can discuss 21 Jump Street at length. The film adaptation of The Hunger Games is mentioned briefly, before a detour into Pearl Jam 20 and some classic rock discussion. That’s right… music has made its way into The Long Box! The conversation wraps with a twenty-minute discussion of this weekend’s WrestleMania event, featuring the Rock vs. John Cena in a battle of the ages. Terry and Wes divulge their personal history with the “sport” of professional wrestling, before calling it quits. Other topics creep in along the way, so check it out! (Spoilers: No comics are ever mentioned.)


Episode 17

In the seventeenth iteration of The Long box, our two heroes embrace their position within the liberal media empire, attempting to bring you some entertainment in the process! Beginning with their namesake, Terry and Wes dive into the world of comics. Among the things discussed are Brian K. Vaughn’s latest work entitled SAGA, Wes’ adventure through his dwindling backlog, Avengers vs. X-Men, and SECRET TEAMS! What does this mean? Can’t tell you… it’s a secret! After the comic talk, which clocks in at right around a half hour, our duo moves into the world of television and film. Wes discusses Comic Book Men, which he finally sat down and watched, while Terry focuses on the silver screen with his report on Jonah Hill and Tanning Chatum’s (Sp?) comedy epic, 21 JUMP STREET. The conversation wraps with a brief detour into the world of video games, with discussions of Pokemon, Simpson’s Tapped Out, and Wes’ continuing adventures with the Vita. As always, there are many detours along the path, so come along and join the fun!



Episode 16

For once the show lives up to the name and comics are discussed; everything from Avengers to Zombies in the Walking Dead.  Digital vs. retail.  What titles to keep and what to drop?  So many tough decisions for a nerd!  John Carter gets snubbed by America just like Martin Scorsese does from the Academy.  Can Nickelodeon have lightning strike twice with an Avatar the Last Airbender spin off?  Our heroes also discuss the horrible disservice Sony does by making a video game reality show that portrays “gamers” using every stereotype imaginable.  All this and possibly more!


Episode 15

Today’s episode is an exercise in “staying on track,” a task that our two hosts manage to fail at over and over again. What begins as a conversation about Sony’s new handheld device, the Playstation Vita, quickly spirals into discussions about brand loyalty, the precursor to the Vita, videogame history, and a slew of modern games including Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and Resident Evil: Revelations. From there, the conversation segues into the world of film, where Wes discusses his journey to Austin to the event known as BUTT-NUMB-A-THON, and Terry weighs in on Ghost Rider II. Several other topics creep in throughout the hour plus conversation, so check it out!


Episode 14

And our favorite podcasters are back after a long hiatus and talk about all things nerdy.  The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim have consumed both the lives of Matt and Terry.  Terry also uncovers an unfathomable truth that Matt doesn’t like comics!  Blaspheme on a podcast called The Long Box.  Also our heroes also make the mistake of talking politics.  Your in for a doozy of an episode.



Episode 13

Our heroes talk about Thanksgiving (or lack there-of), Japanese cuisine, the famous McDonald’s Fillet-o-…..Shrimp?  Black Friday fallout.  What three games would you get for an HD-gen virgin?  Bethesda love and hate.  The Muppets return.  Matt tries to write the Great American Novel for NaNoWriMo.  Matt cheats on Terry with an old friend, and asks him some questions about Skyrim.

Episode 12

In this episode Terry tries to explain the implications of the death of Adobe’s mobil Flash to Matt, does the success of games on mobil devices spell certain doom for dedicated hand held game consoles, don’t expect Matt to give any hands on impressions on the Playstation Vita, Terry plays Mario 3D Land and Scribblenauts, Matt and Terry cry on each others shoulders because neither of them are playing Skyrim, Charles Schulz’s 10 rules to live by, lots of action in Action Comics, Matt and Terry look upon the deflated mail satchel , and Matt has a somber attitude as he goes through withdrawal.

Episode 11

Terry calls a drunk Matt at 3 a.m. and forces him to podcast.  Our heroes then trim the male satchel and discuss the GTA V trailer, Halo Multiplayer, and…rants, rants rants. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 shows up again.  Terry reads “The Gunslinger,” and Matt tries to spoil the ending.

National Novel Writing Month helps Matt procrastinate, so nature tries to kill him with giant insects and vipers.

Should price factor into game reviews?  People finally start writing letters with mixed results.  Video game entitlement?  Sure, let’s discuss.  Are free to play games the way of the future?  Our heroes argue about chess for some reason and then tear each other’s throats out about their desert island Zelda.  And finally, at long last, Terry and Matt finally get around to talking about Star Wars!.


Episode 10

Presenting the double digit episode of the best know secret on the internet, The Long Box!

0:00- Off tiopic nonsesnse

11:30: Terry buys an iPhone 4s

Battle of the Broken AI

25:40 Mobile Gaming – Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting, Game Dev Story

34:50 Matt griefs PS Home some more

39:34 Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Why no Megaman…Still!!!

43:02 Ghost Rider 2: Revenge of the Bees

47:29 GTA 5: New announcement of a trailer announcement

52:00 Video game naming controversy

55:58 Batman Arkham City conspiracy theories

1:07:13 Comics! (Don’t get your hopes up)

1:08:06 Futurama

1:10:21 The Future of Nerd Cocktail


Episode 9

Our heroes curse the heavens, rend their clothing and gnash their teeth at the death of Steve Jobs.  Terry talks to himself about comics and gets a boner for a movie about half-naked martian men because it’s made by Pixar.  Terry baits Matt into more Star Wars talk.  Matt plays Monster Hunter 3rd and Diablo 2 by himself and fights back tears.  Matt pressures Terry into insurance fraud.

PLUS! Terry and Matt talk DC Comics digital distribution, Green Lantern the Movie, The King’s Speech, LA Noir, PSN Home, PSN, Batman: Arkham City (kind of), and Enslaved.

Also write in and give us your feedback and questions at TheLongBox@NerdCocktail.com

Episode 8

This week: Matt reads sexy movie reviews written by a fat neck-beard and Terry hacks his wife’s facebook.  PLUS! Star Wars Blu-Ray Deathmatch Rematch, Matt sees visions of games in his food, Terry almost makes it to E3, and Pee-Wee Herman gets his butt licked by a toilet.  All this…AND MORE!

0:00 Internet (Giant Bomb, Ain’t it Cool News starring Harry Knowles, Penny  Arcade)

14:52 Movies (Real Steel, Hugh Jackman, X-Men)

34:05 Games (Old Republic, DC Universe Online, Matt’s bowels explode, Ico and   Shadow of the Colossus, Playstation Plus, Skyrim and Zelda)

50:28 Resident Evil 15th anniversary

1:00:18 Gears of War/Arkham City DLC Madness

Episode 7

What’s a crab battle?! Confusion reigns as our heroes jump from one random topic to the next! Feel precious moments of your life slipping away as our heroes bicker about movies they’ve never seen and know nothing about! Matt likes a comic book, Terry proposes an Animal Bill of Rights, and everyone argues about Star Wars for the bajillionth time.

PLUS! Learn to fear the bees in a glorious failure of a new segment, News of the Weird! Kick back and pretend to enjoy our worst podcast yet!


Episode 6

In this episode as a result of Terry’s mistake our hosts have to redo all of Episode 6.  We talk about NerdCocktail.com, Matt reads some new DC universe comics, Nintendo is making a second analog stick for the 3DS, Japanese culture, Disney characters in Marvel Vs. Capcom, Star Wars, and just when you think the show is over it keeps going!


Episode 5

Its a Long Box first as Bruce Mitch “Moose” Inness makes a guest appearance.  Who is this guy and will he side with Matt or Terry on such topics as Pro Wrestling, the new DC universe, Superman trunks or no trunks, and George Lucas changing Star Wars again.  Make sure you stay till the end to hear Matt reach his breaking point!  Did good once again triumph over evil we’ll have to wait and find out.


Episode 4

In this episode Matt’s cynicism tests Terry’s patience as we find out that Matt doesn’t care about Steve Jobs leaving Apple, Superman red trunks or not, Thundercats new or old, Transformers, season 6 of Dr. Who, or brand new consoles. Should Matt be replaced by an automated computer?  Could one even tell the difference?  Also what is the funniest show of all time?  Find out all this and more on The Long Box: Episode 4!


Episode 3

In this episode Matt and Terry discuss Star Trek season 2 not being as bad as previously thought, Thundercats gets a surprisingly good reboot, Matt discovers his secret desire to be a furry, did the new Planet of the Apes movie rise above previous entries, Terry plays hacked copies of Pokemon on his 3DS, Matt has to settle playing games on his smart phone, and Who is the best Dr. Who. Can their friendship withstand another episode?

Episode 2

Matt discovers Region free PS3, Terry bails out of DC Online.  Battlefield vs. Halo.  Terry hates japanese games and the word “segue.” Halo vs. Metal Gear Solid–Which game’s storyline is more nonsensical? Terry wants to buy a 3DS. Matt hates Kid Icarus.  Super Mario 3DS Land confusion.  Matt challenges Terry to beat Super Mario Bros. without taking a warp zone.  PLUS!  Superman returns again for some reason and we get into debates about the force.  Finally, Terry gets to spend hours editing out Matt’s obscene remarks before uploading the podcast.

Episode 1

In their first episode of The Long Box ever Matt and Terry discuss podcast formats, video games, tv, comics, movies, and so much more.  Will these two form a friendship that will last the test of time or will they die at each others hands?  Listen and find out!