Pokemon: TCG National Championships 2012

This pass weekend I had the opportunity to observe the 2012 Pokemon TCG National Championships at the Indianapolis Convention Center.  I personally have no interest in the competitive Pokemon card game, but I love the video game and cartoon.   The TCG National Championships are held every year in Indy where players from 3 different divisions compete for their place in the world championships held in Hawaii, scholarships, and booster packs from the current Pokemon TCG cards.  To get was completely free so I figured this would be an opportunity to get a photo op with my favorite rodent Pokemon and finally collect the rest of the puzzles pieces I needed on my 3DS.

As you walk into the convention center you are greeted by these signs.  It’s not everyday that you get to hang out with thousands of like minded people.


Here is the convention floor.  Where people are partnered up and compete against one another.   The place had giant banners with Pokemon from Black and White all over the place.  You can also see the inflatable legendary Pokemon Zekrom and Reshiram.


Despite being full of gaming nerds I didn’t notice any odors.  Way to fight the stereotypes Pokefans.


One of the great attractions was the giant inflatable Pikachu they has suspended from the ceiling.  So Cute.


One of the reasons I wanted to check out the TCG National Championships was to get my hands on some cool Pokemon merchandise.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I wanted to walk away with an Ash Ketchum hat or something.  To my disappointment they only had two vendors and most of their products were Pokemon cards and Pokemon plushies.  I stuffed Pikachu would be awesome, but not for the prices they were charging.  A baseball size plushy was $20.  To rich for my blood.


One of the highlights was seeing this.  The fact that a group of Moms are this supportive of their kids’ hobby is so cool to me.


And here we have the inflatable starters from Pokemon Black and White.  From the left is Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawatt.  Kind of wish they would have put them in a bigger cage so I could get a picture without a strap going across the shot.  Oh well.


Here is me and my friends.  I’m on the far right with Tepig my starter from Pokemon White.  I never noticed before but Tepig wears brown underwear.


Here is the red carpet where the Champions will stand and be presented their trophies.  I love the design of Zekrom the pokemon on the right and that’s why I bought Pokemon White instead of Black.  Reshiram on the left has some kind of feather bra that has always been unsettling to me.


And here was the reason for coming.  The big man himself, Pikachu.  That is still me on the right: )  I had a great time at the TCG Championships despite not playing any games.  It was a fun spectacle to see and I Street Passed with about 30 people for the 2 hours that I was there.  After this experience I decided that I was going to go to Gen Con, which is also held in Indianapolis.  So look forward to some coverage of that in August.

Also big news.  I got a new job as the full time art teacher at Clarence Farrington Elementary School IPS #61 in Indianapolis.  Pretty exciting stuff.

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